Photographer : David William Fuller

HMUA: Gianna Carpanzano

Model : Baylee Kosatka

DWF Formal DJ & Foto Chicago/Lombard Il.

Technical Notes: 

I shot these photographs of Chicago Model: Baylee using primarily one Parabolic Umbrella Modifier fitting on a Calumet Travelite using a Canon 7d on faithful picture mode at ISO 100 f/14 at 125sec.

For the first look we wanted something really natural and simple looking so we used minimal makeup to showcase more of the models natural essence.

For the second look we wanted to pump it up a bit and it was a mixed inspiration of images the model had sent me that she liked and also between consulting with Gianna (HMUA) to find something that would work well. For Post Production i used some of Alien FX’s filters to hone more of a look to my tasting.